My Machines Service Centre Experience


I’ve wanted to send my MacBook Pro to the Machines Service Center since last year but somehow I just never got to do it until 2 weeks ago. I purchased my MacBook in December 2011 and I think it deserves some ‘check-up’ or whatever. There’s nothing wrong really; in fact, I’m in love with this Mac very much. Fast, efficient and reliable.
But I guess all gadgets encounter some weakness or glitch somewhere. I enjoy editing photos and since I’ve taken blogging more seriously early this year, I’ve been using a photo editor program more frequently than before. When I got my MacBook, I purchased this editor program from iTunes called Pixelmator. Well, yeah, Photoshop would have been the best choice but I find it too expensive for my personal use. I’m not a graphic designer or professional photographer so I needed something not so expensive. Anyway, I am satisfied with the features of Pixelmator, which are comparable to Photoshop, but there are a few occasions when it suddenly exits the program without warning. It never happens in my other programs but I might have been ignoring the prompts to update the software. However, when I tried to update Pixelmator, I was prompted to update my Mac software first. I tried updating the Mac software but it was never completed so I knew I needed professional assistance from Mac.
And so one sunny morning, I drove to Mid Valley and walked to Northpoint Offices where a Machines Service Centre is located. It is quite easy to locate at the Ground Floor of Block B, Northpoint Offices, as it is brightly lit and it has see-through glass walls.
Machines has a pretty cool queuing system. Upon entry, you’ll be welcomed by iPads where you will type your name and you’ll get a virtual queue number.

I also can’t help but notice these cute feedback or comments boxes by the wall. I find it simple but innovative and proactive in trying to get feedback from customers. Don’t you find a lot of other feedback boxes boring and traditional in a form of drop box with a phrase ‘comments/suggestions’ printed on it? And normally it is hidden somewhere, in a corner or an unnoticeable place? Machines feedback boxes look fun and they were very visible to visitors. And notice that they have 3 facial expressions that tell you they’re open to happy, sad and very sad feedback. Now, this is what I call ‘asking for feedback’.

There were more than 10 customers inside the centre when I arrived. But I was quite surprised of the fast service. I was number 15 but it only took me 8 minutes to wait. The service guys were fast and I saw that customers walk out with their concerns settled.

 See, number 14 and me being served at the same time.
I told the Machines IT staff about my concern and he immediately proceeded to updating my Mac software.
One of the things I appreciated about this visit to Machines was that I didn’t have to go through any checking of my details, no need to dig info about when or where did I buy my Mac, no nitty-gritty inquiries. They just quickly solve my Mac problem.
My baby getting his dose of updated Mac software…

In a short while, the service center was deserted and quiet except for me and another guest. I was left behind because the software update has 4GB worth of data to download. No wonder I wasn’t able to do it myself. I guess my Internet at home wasn’t good enough.

Check out the comfy chairs at Machines. Isn’t it wonderful to find a waiting area like this? I’ve been to a few customer service outlets including big players in other industries such as telecommunications. And so far (and I’m sure you’ve also noticed), most of them do not provide comfy chairs. They would have a few lounge chairs, sometimes without back support so it can be tiring to wait, especially when the service takes long.

Machines also has a coffee machine for guests to have while waiting. Drinking water is also available.

In front of the service team, there are a lot of stools for guests being served. Again, I think this is very good as it shows they welcome guests with friends or relatives who accompany them to visit. Comparing it to other brands, Machines does a great job in making people comfortable and welcome. This is something you won’t easily find in other technology-related industries.

Oooh, and during my visit, they were having clearance sale for iPad 2 covers. Check out the eye-popping colors! And these are only at RM20 from normal price of RM109.
My software update was completed and I was happy to go back home with a more efficient MacBook. I’ve already updated my Pixelmator, which is now even better than before. No more sudden program exits.
I am thankful to the Machines team at Northpoint Offices. They were very efficient and helpful.
To sum it up, why did I enjoy my first visit to Machines Service Centre:
  • Cool queuing system via iPad and virtual number – no need to hold paper with number
  • Comfortable waiting chairs
  • Drinks available for everyone
  • Short waiting time
  • No long inquiries
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Problem solved

To find the nearest Machines outlet around you, click here
I had my MacBook Pro serviced at:
Machines Service Centre
B-G-2, Ground Floor, Northpoint Office, Mid Valley City
No. 1 Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : (03) 2289 5388    Fax : (03) 2289 5389

Visit for more info and product details.

Spanish Food, Great Wines and a French Sommelier in Malaysia

It’s a rare occasion to have the opportunity to dine and enjoy wine with a sommelier. So when this gem-of-a-chance came, I was thrilled to be part of something that I’ll truly treasure and enjoy.

One lovely Thursday evening, I found myself treading the classy pavement along Bangsar Shopping Centre where my desire for good Spanish food and good wines brought me to The Pressroom. I was about to indulge into a delightful wine experience. 



In this country, it is not easy to find wine experts even in wine shops. So for wine lovers who need to shop for wines and even for those who just need wine for an event or occasion, picking wines off the shelf can be challenging or even frightening.  Imagine yourself walking in to a shop full of walls and shelves of different types of wines, different countries, different regions, different winemakers, different vintages and, of course, price. Which one to pick? Most of the time, when you ask the staff around the wine shop, you also wouldn’t get much advice except for the price difference.
Let’s say you were brave enough to try something you haven’t tried before. If you don’t like the wine or if it’s corked, can you bring it back and change for a new one?
Great news to fellow wine lovers (or to those who are interested to discover more about wine)! Wine Talk, an online wine delivery service, makes wines easy. It provides easy access to different labels of wines from different countries, regions with different price ranges in just 1 wine shop online. What makes Wine Talk even better is that they have a French sommelier, David Stephan, who chooses the wines and who also provides wine advice to every wine lover, beginner or connoisseur.

For starters that evening, we were served with the first white wine of the night, Kiwi Walk Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. This classic NZ wine is a very fresh & easy-to-drink wine, packed with great tropical aromas. Kiwi Walk is an addictively crisp & fresh wine, sourced from premium vineyards in Marlborough.

The second one, which later on turned out to be the ‘favorite of the night’, was Louis Guntrum ‘Royal Blue’ Rieslingfrom Rheinhessen, Germany. The ‘Royal Blue’ is an off-dry wine, boasting some sugar and a very soft 9.5% alcohol level (this is a good clue to know if a Riesling is sweet or not; 12% & over: dry; 8-12%: off-dry; below 8%: sweet). It showcases an elegant and classical Riesling scent, paired with aromas of tropical fruits, with green apples and citrus, pineapple and melon. It has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity. It can be enjoyed by itself as an aperitif, or with lightly spicy food, roasted duck or smoked meats. This is my personal pick for the night!

My mouth was watering when the dishes started coming.



The third wine, which is also the most interesting in terms of color, was the Gérard Bertrand ‘Art De Vivre’ Grenache Rosé from Languedoc, France, costs RM60 per bottle. This Rosé wine is a perfect introduction to the classics of the region. Made from 100% Grenache, it shows a delightfully light color, lots of fruit flavors and a fresh and aromatic palate. Great for a wide range of dishes, from seafood, fish to Barbecue meats. I seriously think that this is great for weddings mainly because of its color, which somehow appears romantic and sweet.

The fourth wine was La Closerie des Lys Pinot Noir from Languedoc, France, costs RM58 per bottle. This Pinot Noir has an expressive nose of black cherry and spices with a beautiful attack; this is ample and fruity with a fresh final and delicate oak hints. Beautiful wine, serve it slightly chilled with some roast duck, or grilled lamb chops. I’m not a fan of red wines yet but this is something I can enjoy.

The fifth wine was Logan ‘Apple Tree Flat’ Shiraz from Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia, costs RM65 per bottle. This Shiraz shows a deep, rich red color, and a softer palate than regular Aussie Shiraz, with flavors of mixed berries and sweet spices. So if you aren’t into big, bold, juicy Shiraz, this will be your friend. If you like the big wines, you can still enjoy this wine. It won’t hurt you! A great match with classic roasted lamb or cheese platters.

The last wine was Finca Sobreño ‘Crianza’from Toro, Spain, costs RM69.60 per bottle. It has a pretty bouquet of blueberry jam and raspberry that is well defined. The palate is well balanced, with a smooth, silky texture, crisp acidity and a citrus, fresh, primal finish. David recommends decanting for this wine before consumption.

It was truly a wonderful experience to dine and enjoy wine together with a wine expert or sommelier. David guided us through each wine and gave a lot of helpful tips about each type. You’ll feel more ‘clever’ and familiar about the wines you’re drinking. David Stephan is a French sommelier who has been in Asia for 10 years now so his palate has been familiar to Asian cuisine aside from European. He enjoys the variety of food in Malaysia and finds excitement in exploring new dishes while enjoying them with wine.


Wine Talk’s wines are personally selected and handpicked by David Stephan. With Wine Talk’s brand promise, GUARANTEED SATISFACTION, GUARANTEED PRICE, DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME, experiencing wines is now even more pleasurable. With GUARANTEED SATISFACTION, customers will get a new bottle if they don’t love the wine they received and notify us within 30 days of purchase. With GUARANTEED PRICE, customers will get refunded with the price difference if they find the wine cheaper in major super and hypermarkets in Peninsular Malaysia up to 14 days from the date of purchase.

Wine Talk makes wine fun, simple and easy.
Visit or call 1300 88 97 88 for more details and wine selections.

Watsons VIP Card has evolved to a Touch N Go Card!

When it comes to shopping for some basic products for hair, nails, body, feminine, health and pore care, Watsons is my best stop in the malls. Watsons has a wide selection of products that are suitable for daily needs and it’s very convenient to find Watsons boutiques in almost every shopping destination around the city and beyond.
Even in Philippines, I was already a big fan and a loyal member of Watsons. The convenience and variety of items ranging for almost everything a woman might need to take care of herself are just too good to resist. Where else can you find body lotions, nail polish, shampoo, feminine wash, vitamins, bandage, makeup, skincare, conditioners, sanitary pads, sweets and more in one place? Yep, I’ve been a fan for years.
Recently, I was delighted to discover an update in their membership program. The Watsons VIP card has now evolved into a Touch ‘N Go card! I was already a Watsons card member for the past 4 years so I presented the normal plastic card upon payment that day. The sales staff asked me if I wanted to upgrade to the new Touch ‘N Go card. It costs RM18 for new members and only RM6 for existing members; good deal so I upgraded! Although I already have a Touch ‘N Go card permanently placed on my Smart Tag device, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a spare one in my wallet.


The large print of the phrase ‘RM5,000 Reward Vouchers’ is a good catch. Who doesn’t love rewards or vouchers or both?
Inside the membership pack, there are loads of vouchers ranging from discounts to cash vouchers to free items. Participating merchants include Bizzy Body, Celebrity Fitness, Dubu Dubu, Dunkin’ Donuts, Facial First, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Holiday Villa, Jelly Bunny, KFC, Kidzania, Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, Masculine, MPH, Muse by Watsons, Osim, Pancake House, Petrosains, Pizza Hut, Restyle, Sunway Lagoon, Sweet Chat, The Chicken Rice Shop, Watch Zone and Zalora.

The leaflet has more discounts to enjoy at Watsons, from RM2 up to RM10 off on featured products.
Does it function exactly as a Touch ‘N Go card? Yes! At the back, you’ll see the icons for all the transportation points as a normal Touch ‘N Go card and more: fast food, dining, theme park, movie, shopping, petrol and health care.

What benefits do you get from the new Watsons VIP card?
  • Every RM1.00 spent earns 1 point.
  • 2x points on all Watsons Brand Products.
  • 5x points on your birthday month, valid for 1st purchase.
  • Use your points to pay for products in store. 200 points = RM1.
  • Monthly members price, bonus points and more.
  • Exclusive invites to sale activities, events and workshops.

And, of course, your Watsons VIP Card now with Touch ‘N Go features gives you the convenience for your travel needs, which is great for those who are always on the road or travelling by LRT.
Visit a Watsons boutique near you to get the new VIP Card. Go to,  email or call 1 300 880 VIP (847) for more details.
The new Glow magazine is also out so this is a great time to visit a Watsons branch near you. Get the new issue at only RM3 if you’re a Watsons member.


Look good and feel great with Watsons!

Chic Chloé Gift Sets that Ladies will Surely Love!


Come on, who hasn’t caught a glimpse of that stylish and ultimately chic bottle simply embellished with a ribbon? I still remember selling a few bottles of this lovely fragrance to guys who get easily swooned by the fact that it’s so feminine and classy, which makes it a great gift for their girlfriends.
Chloé has been popular for decades, from bags to fashion to fragrances, and continues to captivate a lot of women including hot celebrities.
Chloé is founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian-born Parisienne with a dark beauty and a bohemian spirit. Rejecting the stiff formality of the 50’s fashion, she creates soft, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics and called them “luxury prêt-à-porter”. Unique for their time, they are beautifully made clothes available off the rack.
And this holiday season, Chloé has launched limited edition gift sets, perfect for sweet, beautiful ladies who just love to smell great and elegant. And you’ll fall in love with these sets; adorable and chic packaging that matches the chic and sophisticated fragrance!
Capturing the spirit of women, the Chloé vision is not about one singular woman, but rather about the rich and varied personalities of all Chloé women. This fresh, smooth floral fragrance evokes sublime powdery rose. The effect is chic, comfortable, and entirely addictive. Top notes of pink peony, freesia, and lychee embody subtle freshness. At the heart, midnotes of magnolia flower, lily of the valley, and rose rise to sublimated femininity. A base of velvety elegance comes to fruition through cedarwood, amber, and honey.
Inspired by the details in Chloé’s fashion, the flacon’s heavy but softly curved and grooved glass reflects femininity and strength. The plated-silver top is embossed with the Chloé mark and adorned with a hand-tied ribbon.

Chloé EDP Premium Set
Eau de Parfum 50ml
Body Lotion 100ml
Price: RM326

Chloé EDP Prestige Set
Eau de Parfum 75ml
Body Lotion 100ml
Miniature 5ml
Price: RM400
Roses De Chloé is an invitation to tenderness. The rose immediately exudes incredible freshness. A sensation derived from the bergamot, which is gradually joined by a heart of damascena rose essence, modernised with a magnolia accord. Then, on the skin, the trail of white musk and amber, signature of the Chloé house.

Roses by Chloé Premium Set
Eau de Toilette 50ml
Body Lotion 75ml
Price: RM293

Roses by Chloé Prestige Set
Eau de Toilette 75ml
Body Lotion 75ml
Shower Gel 75ml
Price: RM360
See By Chloé embodies femininity while blending masculine codes in an urban-chic way. This fragrance captures the audaciousness and strong personality of the Chloé woman. An addictive floral fruity fragrance, it captures the irresistible and playful personality of a young woman fully embracing life. The fusing top of juicy bergamot and apple translate her energy and her urban edginess. Her natural femininity is conveyed through a beautiful floral bouquet of jasmine and ylang ylang that grows into a sexy veil of vanilla and addictive musks.
A strong and feminine bottle that revisits the Chloé codes combining high-end perfumery with modern details. The multi-faceted bottle with its silver ring, glass pleats and three adorable feet make the precious juice sparkle.

See by Chloé Premium Set
Eau de Parfum 50ml
Body Lotion 75ml
Price: RM245

See by Chloé Prestige Set
Eau de Parfum 75ml
Body Lotion 75ml
Shower Gel 75ml
Price: RM300
Chloé is available at leading department stores. 

International Certificate in Wine & Spirit available at Taylor’s University


Are you someone who works for a wine or spirit-related job? Do you serve or sell wine and spirits? Or maybe you are someone who is simply interested in enhancing your wine knowledge?
Working for a wine business, I know that it can be quite tough when you have no basic knowledge of wine. Luckily, I am working directly with a sommelier (that’s wine expert in layman’s terms) that knows wines inside and out. His generosity in sharing information has helped me in getting through a challenging start.
I’ve also attended some casual wine classes to learn a bit more about this very diverse and interesting industry. But then again, if you really want to learn serious, deep matters about wine, I believe that you need to go beyond informal classes to really dig down the subject.

In Malaysia, there are only a handful of sommeliers around. They are mostly working in hotels and restaurants but there aren’t many of them. And although this industry is still very small, I think that it has a good potential and the demand for wine experts will rise in the next years to come. Malaysia is a food haven of various cultures and techniques, with people who are big foodies and are willing to travel so far for good food. And the more people who enjoy food, the more chances of people exploring the exquisite delight of food enjoyed with wine or vice versa.

Great news! At Taylor’s University, you can now receive the International Certificate in Wine & Spirit or WSET for Level 2 and 3.
Taste of character
The perfect fusion of wine with food emits magic to any dining experience. Learn this charm effortlessly with the necessary knowledge, technique and skills regardless if you’re an enthusiast, beginner or professional in the hospitality food and beverage industry.
Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts is well known in the industry for offering highly sought after professional wine training programme. Specifically designed for working adults to further develop their wine knowledge skills. This programme is highly recommended for staffs who sell and serve wine, and to anyone who wishes to enhance their wine knowledge. At the end of the programme, you will master the classifications of wine, match it with the perfect cuisine, recommend the finest drink, improve on wine selling skills and serve wine skillfully.
About WSET®
   WSET® provides both part-time and full-time courses that will provide you with the foundation on how to select, evaluate, taste and serve wine and other alcoholic beverages.
   WSET® is based in London. It is the leading provider of World-Class Qualifications delivering informative and entertaining courses for the wine and spirit industry, and consumers worldwide.
   WSET® is the only wine and spirit education entity approved by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority, the UK Government’s regulator for education.
   Over 17,000 candidates in 38 countries have sat for WSET® exams in 8 different languages.
WSET Level 2
Intermediate Certificate in Wine & Spirit
Provides an in-depth understanding of the principles of wine tasting and evaluation, as well as the nature, history and production of wines and spirits. Also covers basic guidance on appropriate selection, service and understanding of the broad range of alcoholic beverages. Ideal for those who wish to learn more about the subject and for people who want to upgrade their skills and competencies in the customer service and sales functions in the hospitality, wine retail and wholesale industry. After the completion of level 2, you are required to sit for an examination to receive a certification of international recognition from Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) upon passing.
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:
   Have an insight of grape growing and wine making
   Interpret the labels of the major alcoholic beverages of the world
   Give guidance on appropriate selection and service
   Know the principles of wine tasting and evaluation
   Give information on the characteristics of spirits and liqueurs and identify major international brands within each category
WSET Level 3
Advanced Certificate in Wine & Spirit
This programme is designed for working adults who want to further enhance their knowledge about wines and spirits. The Level 3 Advanced Certificate gives comprehensive coverage of wines and spirits, with an increased focus on tasting technique and of the application of the knowledge gained. After the completion of level 3, you are required to sit for an examination to receive a certification of international recognition from Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) upon passing.
You will have an opportunity to taste a vast selection of wines from major wine producing countries, such as Germany, France, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa and UK.
At the end of the programme, you will be able to:
   Explain the key factors influencing the production of the principal wines and spirits of the world and how those factors influence the style, quality and price.
   Describe in detail the characteristics of the principal wines and spirits of the world.
   Use knowledge of the principal wines and spirits of the world to make recommendations to customers in a variety of situations.
   Apply the principles of food and wine matching to the key styles of wine available.
   By the use of the WSET® Systematic Approach to Tasting, produce tasting notes and use the information contained within them to identify the style, quality and price band of wines and spirits.
   Provide information for customers and staff on the health issues relating to wines and spirits.
   Provide information and advise for customers and staff on the correct storage and service of wines and spirits.
• Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate awarded by Taylor’s University, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts.
•  Upon passing the examination, participants will gain a certification from Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®), UK.
•  This programme is claimable from Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).
Course fee includes study packs, notes and wines for tasting
WSET is suitable for:
  • Employees who sell and serve wine
  • Those who wish to upgrade their skills and competencies in customer service and sales functions in the hospitality, wine retail and wholesale industry
  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their wine knowledge

9.00am – 5.00pm
Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus
RM3,650 (Level 2), RM 5,000 (Level 3)
Interested? Call Taylor’s University – Centre for Continuing Professional Education at +60356295000 or visit
Be connected with Taylor’s via Facebook at
You can also download the WSET brochure here


Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, No. 1 Jalan Taylor’s, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel. +603 56295000
Fax +603 56295001

Talika and Eve Lom Beauty Gift Sets for Lovely Eyes and Gorgeous Face!

Giving beauty gift sets for the holidays especially to very close friends or relatives is also a great way to express our love this Christmas. And like I always say to my girl friends that sometimes feel guilty of spending on beauty products for themselves, we work so hard every day or at least 5 times a week and we deserve to reward ourselves. So as long as you set a reasonable budget for your beauty stuff, don’t feel guilty; you deserve it!

And who doesn’t want longer, luscious lashes? Talika has irresistible gift sets for the holidays and these are definite must-buys for ladies who’d just love to have those sparkling and captivating eyes!


Contents: Lipocils Expert, Eyebrow Lipocils and Lash Conditioning Cleanser 50ml
Price: RM312
TALIKA Lash Conditioning Cleanser, my personal choice of removing eye makeup, is a soft, refreshing OIL FREE eye make-up remover capable of removing all traces of make-up, including waterproof mascara.
TALIKA Lipocils Expert®, the first care for eyelashes with 3 complementary actions:
Extends + Restores Color + Curl Results
In 28 days, you’ll see:
+36 % Growth +50 % Curl +50 % Strength
TALIKA Eyebrow Lipocils® is the only product clinically proven to stimulate eyebrow growth. It naturally redefines eyebrows, eliminates sparse growth and reshapes your brows to beautifully frame your face.

Contents: Eye Contour Gel, Eye Dream and Eye Therapy Patch (3pcs)
Price: RM360
TALIKA Eye Detox® Contour Gel helps erase dark circles and reduce eye bags. It revitalizes the skin and microcirculation, thanks to restructuring, smoothing and tightening active ingredients.
TALIKA Eye Dream® relaxes the eye contour while providing it with regenerative ingredients to contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin and hydrating ingredients to ensure optimum moisturizing from the moment you drift off to the minute you awake.
TALIKA Eye Therapy Patch is the first cosmetic application of a past surgery, technological discovery, offering exceptional features, benefits and efficiency. It can control and progressive release active ingredients.

Talika is available at Parkson Pavilion, KLCC, 1U, Gurney Plaza, Metrojaya Mid Valley, Isetan KLCC, The Gardens and 1U.

I’m a big fan of cleansing products and I’m pleased to introduce Eve Lom gift sets. Eve Lom was launched in Malaysia last year and is currently available in  Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson One Utama and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Malaysia. This UK-based brand is very famous for its cleanser that results to indulgently clean and beautiful skin.

This season, Eve Lom introduced its 2013 Christmas Collection, offering something for everyone. Choose from a set tailored to daily skincare needs or a luxury set to create an at-home spa experience and offer the gift of radiant EVE LOM skin this Christmas.



Cleanser 100ml + Muslin Cloth + Rescue Mask 100ml


Cleanser 100ml
+ Muslin Cloth
+ TLC Radiance Cream 50ml + Rescue Mask 50ml


Cleanser 200ml
+ Muslin Cloth
+ Rescue Mask 100ml
+ TLC Radiance Cream 50ml + Eye Cream 20ml +
Kiss Mix 7ml

So go ahead and start checking out these beauty gift sets while stocks are available!

Gifts Made Easy: Eye-Candy Gift Sets from Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake and Taylor Swift

One of the things I like about giving or receiving gift sets is that a lot of those available in stores nowadays also make the box or packaging itself look like it’s already a gift even without gift wrapper. You can normally see this in perfumes or body care items by designer brands and celebrities. And today, I’m sharing some eye-popping, eye-candy gift sets that are here for the holidays!
Marc Jacobs has been so famous for the past years and this designer has been synonymous with unique and classy style. The launch of the ‘DOT’ perfume collection has captured a lot of ladies, both young and young-at-heart. The combination of butterfly theme and the dots seemed simple but it was very catchy. Those black dots have become iconic of this designer’s style.


Marc Jacobs Dot Collection

EDP 100ml + Miniature 4ml + Body Lotion 150ml
DOT by Marc Jacobs is an alluring scent of a delectable blend of red berries, succulent dragon fruit, and sweet honeysuckle. The lush floral heart of the fragrance blooms with the addictive beautiful jasmine, mingled with energizing notes of coconut water and orange blossom. The scent rounds out with a feminine dry down of creamy vanilla, driftwood, and sensual musks.
The dotted bottle with butterflies is such an eye-candy and definitely a great gift idea whether for Christmas, birthday, Chinese New Year and even Valentine’s Day! This red and black combination is such a creative and practical choice.


Marc Jacobs Honey Collection
EDP 100ml + Body Lotion 150ml
Retail Price: RM361 (around USD112)
Honey by Marc Jacobs is a delicious scent of buzzing fragrance that energizes with the freshness of green pear and a bright splash of fruity punch and juicy mandarin. Orange blossom resides at the heart of the fragrance and mingles with the nectars of honeysuckle and peach for a note of sparkling femininity. Honey, vanilla, and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base.
The yellow and orange combination makes a fresh and lovable appeal. I think this is a great gift for ladies who love elegant, sweet scents that just exude cheerfulness.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Collection
EDT 125ml + Miniature 4ml + Body Lotion 150ml
Retail Price: RM360 (around USD112)
Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is a whimsical interpretation of the original Daisy fragrance; this scent is fruitier, bubblier, and more fun. Open the bottle and you’ll be transported to a field of sunshine that bursts with the flirty scent of flowers and the cheerful sweetness of fruits. Its light, woody base infuses a subtle but sharp glimmer of musk for an unexpected twist of radiance. The eau de toilette bottle is probably one of the most iconic signatures of this designer fragrance brand. Those sweet flowers that adorn the cap is recognizable anywhere! Daisy by MJ is perfect for that sweet lady who exudes classic beauty and finesse.
Another designer label that has launched eye-candy collections is Issey Miyake. Famous for the classic scent, Issey Miyake, this brand has recently launched an edgy collection, Pleats Please.

Pleats Please Set by Issey Miyake
EDT 100ml + Prestige Spray 10ml + Body Lotion 75ml
Pleats Please is a joyful, optimistic and exuberant fragrance of “vertically pleated” flowery, fruity and woody structure signed by perfumer Aurelien Guichard. Its opening splashes with Asian hybrid fruit Nashi, generated by crossing apples and pears. The heart symbolizes femininity with floral accords of peony and sweet pea, while Indole molecule provides freshness and vigor to the composition. The base is generous with intensive accords of patchouli, cedar, vanilla absolute and white musk.The color play of red, orange and pink bands makes a fashion statement that reflects the runway collection from this designer.  
Being a lover of florale scents, I can’t help but notice this elegant, pink set — L’Eau D Issey Florale. Similar to Pleats Please, this floral scent collection uses soft pink-colored bands that embellish the box design.

L’Eau D Issey Florale Set
EDT 90ml + Body Lotion 75ml + Shower Gel 30ml
L’Eau D Issey is an aquatic floral scent with transparent notes of lotus, freesia and cyclamen and juicy melon. The middle note of peony, lily and carnation reveals the perfume’s character. The end note is a refined woody scent with the notes of cedar, sandal, musk and amber.
And lastly for this eye-candy gift sets feature is Taylor Swift collection! Colorful, fun and simply perfect for Christmas, the Wonderstruck and Enchanted Wonderstruck sets are so adorable with these enchanting, magical themes. The colors are gorgeous and the patterns immediately give a feel of the season.

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift fragrance + Scented Bath Gel + Scented Body Lotion
This fragrance exudes a charming gourmand – floral with sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background. The top notes are raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia and apple blossom. The heart features sweet vanilla along with sundrenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus. Notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach are in the base. The charms on the bottle are very lovely and youthful.


Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

Enchanted Wonderstruck fragrance + Miniature + Scented Body Lotion
This fragrance opens with notes of wild berries, pink poppy and passion fruit. Heart notes include peony blossoms, sugar-glazed champaca petals and white freesia. White musk, hypnotic vanilla and blonde woods construct the perfume’s found.


Taylor By Taylor Swift

EDP 30ml + Scented Bath Gel 50ml + Scented Body Lotion 50ml
This set has a fun, modern look against the Wonderstruck sets. The color combination on the packaging is fresh and trendy.
Taylor is a sweet, floral-fruity fragrance with a woody base. It opens with alluring aromas of lychee, tangerine and magnolia petals, with peony, hydrangea and vanilla orchid in the heart and a base made of sandalwood, apricot nectar, cashmere musk and soft woods.

Taylor Swift’s collection somehow gives a feeling of sweetness, fun and magic. Similar to designer brands, Taylor Swift fragrance is quite reflective of her character and her music.
So go and check out these limited collections from Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake and Taylor Swift at major department stores while they are still available! This is the perfect time to do some shopping for your loved ones and to reward yourself! You’ve been working hard this year and you deserve a wonderful treat!