Dior Addict Vibrant Color Spectacular Shine

I’m not a collector of different colors of lipsticks like a lot of women, ladies or girls. I’d normally buy one or 2 colors that I like, which often fall within the nude or pink range, and it will probably be my lip color for the entire year. I know, I know. Not very adventurous but I think it’s because I focus more on my eye makeup rather than the lips. 

The Dior Addict lipstick range is such a captivating collection that I was enticed to use the shopping voucher I earned from Sogo on a lip color. Admittedly, the word ‘addict’ caught me and the packaging is simply chic. Come on, who wouldn’t be captivated by these eye candies? 

Dior Addict Lipstick Collection (image by Dior Addict)

The box comes in classy silver and the item itself has silver silver accents with an embossed ‘Dior’ on the outer body. Chic, chic, chic. 

I’m not that daring yet to wear red, red lipstick so I picked something which is a few shades away from deep red. Color code 682, Gibraltar. 

Dior Addict Lipstick in Gibraltar (682)

The top part has the initials ‘CD’ which I find perfect because it’s  same as mine! It’s just like having my own brand of lipstick. 

CD initials on Dior Addict lipstick

I also like the way it stands nicely like it’s a bottle or something else. The square base makes it stable to be placed upright on the vanity table while putting makeup. 

Dior Addict Vibrant Color Spectacular Shine

I’m just loving the texture and effect of this color on my makeup. It also hydrates my lips so I can actually skip my lip balm during the day. Dior Addict has sparked an interest for me to collect different lip shades from now on! It truly is iconic and addicting. 

Dior Addict be Iconic (image by Dior Addict)

Where to buy: Major departmental stores

Price: RM100  

Halal, Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine that will truly tickle your taste buds!

This is my 2nd post about a non-alcoholic wine and it’s really a delight to talk about this yet-to-be-popular beverage. Most people think that all wines contain alcohol. But some winemakers have recognized that there are people who’d want to enjoy wines without the alcohol.

The 1688 Grand Rose (pronounced row-sey) is a non-alcoholic, Halal sparkling wine. It’s a product of Paris, France, from Maison Honore du Faubourg. 

1688 Grand Rose (pronounced row-sey), non-alcoholic/ Halal wine

This wine has a very delicious, sweet flavor and leaves a yummy tingle in the mouth. As the product says, it’s a 100% natural selection of concentrate red and white grape must. It contains natural fructose of the grapes, natural citric acid, natural muscat aroma, and filtered water. And since it contains no alcohol, you can really taste the full sweetness of the grape juice. 

1688 Grand Rose with Halal seal

The 1688 Grand Rose is a great accompaniment for most dishes, as long as it’s not very spicy. It would be wonderful to serve for celebrations such as parties, events or weddings so guests who prefer not to have alcohol will still have a classy drink to choose. You can even serve it for ‘yam seng’ and nobody would notice its difference from alcoholic wine! I think that the 1688 halal wine also adds a lovely touch as decor for weddings because of its sweet pink color.

Image from web

So if you’re sensitive to alcohol but would love to experience the exquisite taste of wines, try the 1688 Grand Rose and share it with friends. This is such a delicious treat for your taste buds!

Price: RM54.90 per bottle of 750ml 

Serve chilled between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius 

You can order online via www.winetalk.com.my for home delivery, event reservations or wine consultation

8 Tips and Reminders for Making your Skincare Products Perform at its Best

I’ve had several posts about skincare now and I felt the need to share some tips and reminders to ensure that we don’t get disappointed or frustrated with our products. It’s not a surprise that I’ve encountered a lot of people who somehow lose confidence or trust with their beauty products or their skincare regimen over time. In defense of skincare (as I have been a brand manager for this industry in the past years), it is unfortunate that improper handling or too much expectations cause some, if not most, of this disappointments.


 So here are some tips and reminders to all skincare users, just in case we sometimes forget… 

 1. PROPER STORAGE. Skincare items including make-up or cosmetics are sensitive to heat. Drastic changes in temperature and exposure to heat can make your skincare lose their efficacy, change viscosity or texture, and worse, make them oxidize faster. This means that the product you spent for will lose their capability to work as you expect them to. Don’t let them get exposed to heat. Check if your vanity table or cabinet is reached by sunlight at any time of the day. If so, then you better consider moving your cabinet to a different part of the room or make sure your curtains don’t allow too much sunlight in.

In my experience with managing skincare brands, I’ve encountered customer complaints about their cream that became watery or changed color and the like. The truth is, a lot of consumers forget that these products are supposed to be handled with care as well. Upon purchasing your beauty products, do you leave them in the car for a few hours while you shop some more or have dinner? Do you put it inside the car with you or in the boot? Do you keep it out of heat or sunlight? 


2. EXPIRY DATE. Skincare products are perishables; they EXPIRE. It’s very rare, though, to see an expiry date stamped on the products. So how do you know if it’s expired? Check the manufacturing date, which is normally embossed, printed, stamped or marked behind the bottle, under the box. It can be on the sticker with the manufacturer or distributer info. From the manufacturing date, it takes 3 years, in general, to expire. Organic products, however, expire faster, probably within 2 years or less.

Beauty products have expiration date

Once your product is expired, stop using it. It may or may not cause your skin harm but it won’t work as you expect them to which will lead to disappointment.

 3. LIFE AFTER OPENING. It’s not only the expiry date that you should watch out for but also the product’s “life after opening”. As soon as a product is exposed to air, it starts to reach expiration earlier than the expiry date. You should look at the bottle or jar label to check within how many months do you need to consume the product. Some can last up to 24 months while some can be as short as 4 months, again, shorter life for organic items. If you do take slower to finish the product before the last month of its life, it’s best to stop using it. Life after opening of most products are within reasonable time frame for you to finish IF you apply it as directed. For example, if it says ‘apply in the morning and evening’ then you should be able to consume a 50ml cream within 4 months. But if you get lazy and only apply once a day, then chances are you will take longer than 4 months.

Pay attention to ‘Life after Opening’ on the label

 4. ORDER OF APPLICATION. There’s a good reason why your beauty consultant gives you step-by-step application, from toner to moisturizer. Absorption of the products by the skin is important in ensuring that you get the most out of your skincare routine. Toner comes first because of its low viscosity (viscosity, in layman’s terms, is that notion of ‘thickness’; example, maple syrup has higher viscosity than water). Since the toner is light or less viscous, when you apply a thicker product such as serum, the skin will still absorb the serum. If you apply your moisturizer first before the toner, the skin might not be able to absorb your toner completely.

 Aside from absorption of the skin, proper order of application is also important in making the products work as a team. Some serums are formulated to increase the efficacy of products to be applied after it. A good example is Perricone MD Cold Plasma, which acts as a serum and booster for other products on top of it. If in doubt which goes first, just look at the viscosity of the products, apply the lightest before the thickest products and you’ll do just fine.

 5. EFFICACY MAY NOT BE FOREVER. Have you experienced using a product, loved the results, then after some time, you notice that it doesn’t change your skin anymore? Don’t fret, it’s not that the product is bad; it’s possible that it had already done the maximum it could for your skin. It doesn’t mean that your product stopped working. Also remember that your skin condition changes. A product for your oily skin may not work anymore if your skin changes to normal/ dry skin. As time goes by, our skin also changes. This is why there are specific products for certain condition and age groups. What you use during your teenage days will not be suitable when you reach your 30’s, right?

 And just because you don’t see great improvements anymore means that you should change your product. Take for example an anti-wrinkle item. Maybe during the first month, you notice that there’s a significant reduction in wrinkles then no change on the 2nd month. Should you change? Not necessarily. Your anti-wrinkle item may not be erasing the wrinkles left but if you don’t see more wrinkles developing, this means that your product is fighting off new ones; it maintains the current condition of your skin.

6. SAMPLES and SACHETS. I’m sure you also get those sachets or samples from beauty counters or even from magazines. When you do decide to open one, don’t keep it too long. Consume it within a few days or maybe within a week. Sachets don’t have covers so they oxidize faster. Best to put it inside an airtight container once opened.

Some samples do stamp their manufacturing date or expiry date so you are aware if you can still use them.

Count 3 years from manufacturing date for expiry

Some sachets print manufacturing and expiry dates


7. CONSISTENCY is KEY. Regular application of products as directed is important in seeing optimal results out of your skincare. People who spend money on beauty products then get lazy to use them sometimes surprise me. Think of your skin as your stomach; it needs to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and consume water. Those serums, essences or creams are food for your skin. Without which, the skin becomes unhealthy or ‘sick’.
 If you need to travel, take small amounts of your products with you. I find it very useful to have mini containers for my products. This is also why I enjoy free minis from my beauty shopping. Travel-size products are very useful so don’t take them for granted.

Use travel containers for your products

Free travel-size products are very useful

8. BEAUTY IS NOT JUST SKIN-DEEP. Although skincare products are essential to our skin’s health, take note that they can’t do magic tricks. The condition of our skin reflects our internal health. If you truly want youthful, healthy skin, you must start from within — your eating habits, diet and overall lifestyle. Have you ever seen a sick person who has radiant, glowing skin?

 Watch what you eat, set aside time to do some exercise, have a happy, social life and keep a positive outlook. Your skin will definitely show how beautiful you are inside. And don’t forget your daily skincare routine. Combined with good habits and lifestyle, beauty products can do wonders for your skin!


Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair – Change your Skin every Night

This is one of those very rare instances that I’d have to say that advertising convinced me to purchase a beauty product. I’m the type who would normally go around the beauty shop, try items here and there then only make the decision to buy. But for once, after seeing ads continuously, reading good reviews online, I decided to finally give this popular product a shot. 

A few years back when I was working for a company located along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, I walk around Sogo department store from Mondays to Fridays during lunchtime. It’s actually quite nice to shop at Sogo because they have practically everything that I look for: baby clothes, baby shoes, milk powder, office clothes, shoes, cosmetics, stationeries and more. Sogo probably has the widest baby and kids section in 1 floor within Kuala Lumpur. 

And so one Saturday afternoon, I went shopping again at Sogo KL. I excitedly visited the Estee Lauder counter and checked out the available gift sets. What did I want to get? The Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II and a night cream for my mother-in-law. I’ve been seeing ads of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for years. So when aging seemed to catch up with my skin (fine lines, uneven skin tone, noticeable pores, dull appearance, roughness), I knew I had to crank up my skincare regimen with a powerful anti-aging serum. And what do you know; those 2-page spreads on magazines caught me. I also did some research online from customers/ bloggers who have tried the product and, yes, I’m convinced. 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair 

I’ve been using the product for 3 weeks now and I’m very happy with the improvement on my skin. It’s true that I wake up to better skin every morning. The most evident change I’ve felt was the ease of makeup application on a smoother skin. I used to apply several layers of cosmetics on my face before going to work but now I can get away with skipping one or two when I’m in a hurry. I even apply thinner liquid foundation because of more even skin tone. 

I guess one of the great things with this product is that I only need to apply it in the evening and yet I get wonderful benefits. Like what the brand says, this is ‘The power to change your skin – every night!” I only use between 2-3 drops all over my face, using my middle and ring fingers, and I’m sure this 50ml will last for more than 3 months. 

The power to change your skin — every night!

The science behind this popular product is based on 2 discoveries: 1) purification and, 2) Lack of Sleep Accelerates the Look of Aging. 

What the brand says:

Estee Lauder scientists were among the first to understand a critical nighttime cellular repair, Catabolysis, and determined that this natural purification process peaks in cells at night and is pivotal to skin’s natural repair. This led our scientists to develop a breakthrough technology, ChronoluxCBTM. 

Skin renewal expert Estee Lauder collaborated with sleep experts from Case Western Reserve University, a world-renowned centre of excellence in dermatological research. The result was lack of sleep not only causes visible signs of aging but also affects skin’s natural repair processes. The study showed that, for the first time, that lack of sleep can accelerate visible signs of skin aging. 

Poor quality of sleep is associated with:

  • Acceleration of fine lines
  • Increased vulnerability to dryness and dehydration
  • Uneven skin tone 

With Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, say good night to:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Tired looking skin
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Rough, dry skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dullness 

And say good morning to:

  • Firmness and elasticity
  • Youthful-looking skin
  • Translucent radiance
  • Even skin toneHydrated skin
  • Fine softness
  • Suppleness  

I am guilty of not having sufficient sleep almost daily. I sleep past midnight and get up at 6:15am. Not easy to sleep early when your child sleeps late. But with the product claims of this Estee Lauder product, I am hopefully on my way to continuously improving skin. 

I also got the Estee Lauder Nutritious Night Vita-Mineral Intense Nourishing Crème for my mother-in-law. I truly believe that everyone should recharge their evening skincare regimen since this is the time when our skin rejuvenates itself. 

Estee Lauder Nutritious Night Creme 

Estee Lauder was selling the Advanced Night Repair Serum and Nutritious Night Crème in a set that comes with free 4 minis. So here’s all that I got that day:   

Estee Lauder ANR and Nutritious Night Creme with 4 free minis

These are the 4 minis in the set – 30ml Nutritious Foam Cleanser, 30ml Nutritious Energy Lotion, 15ml Nutritious Day Cream and 5ml Advanced Night Repair Eye.  Great value gifts with the set!  

Estee Lauder minis 

My beauty loot:

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – RM350 for 50ml

Estee Lauder Nutritious Night Crème – RM240 for 50ml

FREE items – 4 minis as mentioned above

RM50 cosmetic voucher from Sogo (valid for Sogo card members – RM10 for every RM100 spent at the Beauty Hall) 

Yes, I got a RM50 voucher from this loot. I’ll share a short blog later on about how I wisely spent this RM50 Sogo voucher!        

Fashion Icon Designer Outlet Unveils ZERO is Not a Size

I’ve always enjoyed watching fashion shows. I still remember my younger years of working for a global lingerie brand where I was screening models, preparing for fashion shows, dressing up models, running up and down…oh, it was such a thrill. There’s this certain of nervousness about how the show will turn out, what the guests will think of it, what the bosses will say, will somebody trip, are the models perfect enough and all. So much of hard work is involved in a fashion show yet it only takes less than an hour (or even half an hour) for it to get judged, scrutinized or praised. This is why I have high respect for teams who organize fashion shows because I know it’s damn hard.  

I had the opportunity to witness a fashion show worthy of recognition and support. Nestled in an exclusive haven at Persiaran Hampshire, Fashion Icon Designer Outlet held a fashion show themed “Zero is Not a Size” on 28th September 2013. Zero is Not a Size was held in support of Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) to highlight women’s health issues and encourage a positive body image mindset to women for the enhancement of self confidence regardless of body size and shape.  

Fashion Icon Designer Outlet at Persiaran Hampshire in Kuala Lumpur
Fashion Icon fashion show

Fashion Icon believes that the joy in style and fashion should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of size, shape and color. “A perfect body and a perfect shape is not everything,” as confidently said by Ms. Regine Wong, Fashion Icon Designer Outlet General Manager. Honestly, I am one of those women who are very much bothered by their size. As I’ve mentioned in several of my stories, my post-pregnancy size is somehow stuck and I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of those unsightly tummy fats. Not that I’m less confident but my size is somehow holding me back to explore more fashionable styles in the way I dress. I salute Fashion Icon and WAO for making this event an education about confidence no matter what size. 

Guests and customers were entertained by live vocal performances by lovely singers Ezza Afiqa, Ida Mariana and Joy Victor. They were fashionable and chic, not to mention cool and friendly as I managed to snap a few shots with them…

BabyFootAddict (right) with Ida Mariana (left) and Joy Victor (middle)

BabyFootAddict with Ezza Afiqa

Ezza Afiqa

Ida Mariana
Joy Victor

Fashion Icon houses a vast collection of designer items such as bags, shoes, wallets, accessories, women’s wear, men’s wear and fragrances. Bags and shoes were very gorgeous. Take a look at these fabulous items… 

These blue and red Prada bags are simply beautiful!  

A red Louis Vuitton drawstring bag… 

Lovely shoes by GAS…


Jelly and croc pattern FURLA bag…

Chloe sunglasses… 

WAO had a Shop for Good Cause display that sells T-Shirts featuring a work of art by a Malaysian artist at only RM45. The shirt is quite cool, showcasing an art that feels like an actual painting on shirt. I grabbed a black one in LARGE size (!) and I had to remind myself that not fitting on a medium size anymore shouldn’t make me feel bad.

To posh ladies and fashionable men, check out Fashion Icon Designer Outlet at Persiaran Hampshire in Kuala Lumpur. Not only will you find great designer items but you’ll be treated to great service beyond your color, shape or size. 

Fashion Icon Designer Outlet is at No. 3 Persiaran Hampshire Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Contact +60321615255 for more info.



Malaysian Women’s Weekly Style Workshop at M&S Suria KLCC (part 2)

The Malaysian Women’s Weekly team invited the Style Workshop guests to some refreshments served by Marks & Spencer just right in front of their food hall. We were all treated to delicious bread, tea, jam and more from M&S. 

And so I went snooping around the Marks & Spencer’s bigger and better outlet at Suria KLCC, Concourse Level. To make it easier for us to spot style picks, the MWW team cleverly placed yellow cards on hangers of their selected clothes. 


The new M&S outlet is filled with very stylish collection for casual wear, office wear and more. There are wide selection of colors — from classic yet elegant hues to daring and trendy ones. I loved the group display of different colors and looks in every corner on mannequins which presented combination of clothes and styles that make it easy for shoppers to get fashion ideas. Just look at these gorgeous displays… 

So where did I spend most of my time (and my shopping money) that day? (Drum roll…)

At the lingerie section!

During the mini-fashion show by the MWW team, some guests were concerned about how to look great in clothes if they have flabby tummy or excess mid-part fats (ok, it’s kinda difficult to word it nicely). Aside from the great tips from MWW, the M&S team also suggested using tummy control intimate wear to have that instant sculpted tummy!

There were different kinds of Magicwear inside the lingerie section. You can find full corset, full panty, boy leg cut and more. I picked this black waist cincher which has a very light and soft material. You can immediately tell that it will be comfortable to wear. 

Take a closer look at what the front label says:

Secrets Slimming


No VPL (no visible panty lines)

Waist cincher

Smooths & sculpts waist & tummy

Lifts bum

Look slimmer in seconds!

With COOL COMFORT technology

FIRM control (just what I need)

88% of our test wearers saw an immediate reduction in measurements 

And the back label: 

COOL COMFORT keeps you cool all day (so this is not the typical corset material that makes you feel hot) 

What is Magicwear technology? Side seam free, zoned control to shape your silhouette 

Flattens tummy and shapes waist 

Integrated sling for bottom lift 

Interesting enough, right? I knew I gotta have one! My mummy fats seem to be stuck on my hips and tummy so this is just a great item to have in my wardrobe. I haven’t tested it yet but I’m having an important evening soon and this instant solution to my tummy will be my best friend! To my fellow hot mummies/ chicks who just can’t get rid of those tummy flabs, check out this Magicwear Waist Cincher.